Get rid off clutter – free your life

free-from-clutter-decluttering-seriesClutter is stuff you don’t need or use or want… it’s the excess in your life crowding you out of your home. So why organize it? Instead, you should get rid of it!

There is some psychology behind the clutter you own. Many of these things we store away from our past hoping to look at them again in the future, hand them down to someone, wear them when we lose more weight, etc. These things weigh on our emotions and hold us back.
We need to let these things go. They serve no purpose to us right now except to hold us back in our past. You can’t go back. You must live in the now and look forward.

In order to create a calm and clutter free environment, we will discuss your lifestyle, goals and needs and create a plan and system together. We will help you to get back on track and to stay on track in any part of your life.

Initial Phone Assessment is free (20min.).
In Depth Analysis based on send photographs $99.
Hands-on Service varies from $380 up to $2,000.
Hourly rate is $65 weekdays, $75 weekends.