Save when you shop online

Maybe you are already an online shopper for a variety of reason.

No waiting in line, not finding the right size, to far to drive, saving gas, sick, don’t want to shop with the kids around, the list can go on and on.

But do you realize, that you can also save money when you shop online? is a great portal, where you can find thousands of retailers. You simply click from ebates to your favorite retailer and you can shop on your regular website.

You will receive a percentage of your value back to you. Ebates will send you a check 4 times a year with your cash back. No threshold or fee for the check.
They also feature a double cash back program. Every day a different retailer offers a double cash back. That means hard dollars back into your pocket!

This service is free, secure and reliable.
The offered additional coupon codes are also listed by retailer.

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