What to leave in the grocery store

conventionally grown Potatoes
Pesticides are put on the soil before the plant goes in, then on the plant and then again when they are harvested. They contain 10x more pesticides than organic ones. HDHD and ADD is liked to pesticides. Blood checks on children show a much higher amount of pesticides than the FDA allowed limit!
Check for the label, the number should start with a 9.
The level can disappear with a week in your bloodstream!

BPA lining in cans messes with the hormone levels and leads to infertile women. BPA is working as a estrogen that messes up the reproductive system. One serving a week is already 10x more to find in your urine. Check your cans for BPA free sticker.

Dairy Products
Cows are given a hormone to stimulate milk production. This hormone also increases a hormone that is linked to kinds of cancer. 40% of dairy contains this hormone. To be safe – buy organic dairy or dairy free products or get the milk that is labeled “no hormones added”. Try nut milks without carrageenan. Organic soy (non GMO) products like Tofu or Tofu cheese or Cashew cheese.

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