Bring More Love Into Your Relationship


Did you ever wonder how you got here?

Things changed in your life and you thought you liked it? You fell in love, things were just wonderful. You got married and thought nothing here could be better. Not a single doubt in your mind. Then you got maybe kids or stressful jobs, moved, or all of it… things somehow changed.

The little things aren’t so cute anymore… now they are annoying.
Setting up dates were something awesome… now just one more chore.
Do you know what I am talking about?

There is a way to turn it all around. Very simple, free and amazingly quick and easy.

Write every day something nice about your partner. Just one simple sentence. Maybe it was, that he/she took the trash out. Maybe he made a compliment about dinner. Maybe he/she looked really pretty/handsome this morning. Maybe the vacuuming was taken care of, or the dishes or you have some hot coffee left in the pot.

Whatever it is, just write one sentence each and every day.

You can use a diary, calendar, notebook etc. if you would like to give than maybe as an anniversary gift in a year.

You can use your cell phone and write the sentence as a message to your partner directly.

Keep doing it… you will be amazed how much your thinking will change and your approach toward your partner. Your entire relationship will experience a shift into more love. The more love and appreciation you send out, there more you will receive.

Even if you just write it down on a piece of paper… but do it every day!

To Love!

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