Angel Card Readings

angelcard reader

Are you seeking answers to questions about emotional issues, health issues, financial issues, romance and relationship issues, or life purpose issues? The angels can help you by guiding you how to clear blocks and imbalances to these areas of your life. These readings are loving, in depth and insightful. It is astounding how accurate the readings are. They will enlighten your questions and your life! The Angels are awaiting you, they will not usually intervene in your life unless you request their assistance. They respect our free will and only on very rare occasions, will they appear without being asked. They are waiting for YOU now.

They can assist us in so many ways

– bring inspiration and guidance
– solve problems
– provide protection
– improve relationships and generally make life a whole lot easier
– help heal us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

We are certified by Doreen Virtue and offer readings online, over the phone or in person.
The session duration depends on what you want to know and how much comes up. A quick simple reading (10 min.) starts at $10. First time consulting takes about 45 minutes with a fee of $60, follow ups (30 min.) are $40. The hourly rate is $100.

We also offer spiritual parties, with individual readings (30 min.) for a discounted price of $40 each. Minimum 4 people, max. 6 people. Host reading is free.

Refer a friend and receive a 50% discount.

Being a clairvoyant I never know how long the angels want me to help you.

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