After being diagnosed with a medical condition I talked to Astrid. She was able to help me to change my diet, showed me where to get the supplies and how to stay on track. She also opened my eyes for the circumstances in my environment that lead to it. Now I am cured and don’t need any meds anymore.

Thank you Astrid. I couldn’t have done it without you.
Gerty W., Woodbine, MD – Sept. 2013


I didn’t really know exactly just what a life coach does or if it was what I needed.

I knew what I wanted in life but just didn’t know how to go about obtaining it. I felt like I was stuck in a perpetual rut and couldn’t get out. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel but just couldn’t get to it. Astrid assessed my current situation and gave me the confidence to “go for it” or toward it- and to realize that the light is not really that far away and that yes, I can do it. Everything became so simple after that, and all I needed was someone to put me on track for me to start fulfilling my goals and making them a reality.
Thank you Astrid.

Katherine L., Mount Airy, MD – July 2014


My business and my personal life was in jeopardy. Thanks to Astrid I was able to navigate a path through the difficult times and get my life and business back on track. I am not through it yet, but I feel much more confident I will finally resolve the issues I had since decades. I realize why I am in this situation right now and how not to fall into the same trap. Thank you Astrid for your honesty and continues support in every aspect of my life and work.  You are exactly what I need.

Mitch M., Frederick, Spring 2015