About Us

16.08.2006 EssenAstrid Sorrentino is the founder and president of Divine Directions.
For more than 15 years she has been on the spiritual journey, so she thought.

Recently she realized she has these gift since birth. Although she was never frightened by them, she never actively pursued their development until she gave up her life to the divine guidance. Synchronicity is something so wonderful that everyone should experience it. Her gifts increased to show up in an unexpected and massive way. She had to acknowledge them, there was no other way.

Everyone struggles with their life and returns back to faith, when in desperate need. But by learning the tools and language of the universive, the struggle is much shorter and the outcome is so overwhelming rewarding, that it is easy to stay on track.

Helping her friends and family through their life challenges made her realize, that this is her life purpose. Teaching and helping others the methods and tools to find the answers in themselves, is the greatest reward on earth. One step at a time.